Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Conference Correspondence.

So sat in my hotel room here getting ready for the Langford Food Industry Conference, the subject of which is nutrition and climate change and how it effects the meat industry.
As I said via twitter, I fell as if I am very much the odd man out here as all the rest of the speakers are either connected heavily to the meat trade or are scientists working in the field of nutrition....then there's me!

The idea is that I am to put meat use into some sort of historical context.....but you could also consider me to be the lightweight 'turn' before the end of the day....yep, it's the graveyard slot as last speaker for me, so I've got to try and keep it snappy and have lots of pictures in my 25 minutes to keep people awake.

As I mentioned last night, apparently I came highly recommended by EBLEX after I did some work for them and a very brief talk a few years I'm certain that I was rubbish during that talk, so some people must either have very rose tinted glasses....or much lower standards than me because I wouldn't have recommended me on the strength of that performance!!

Still, that's all water under the proverbial and today is another talk, fingers crossed and I'll aim to get back to you with a report later today...all things willing that is.


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