Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Appetite For Destruction!

OK, so form a queue to call me stupid....and more so than usual!

A lack of joined up thinking and the use of the shift key instead of the ctrl key when selecting files for making some space means that I've deleted the backup of this weekends images....doh!

It's no big problem as I tend towards the 'belt and braces' type of backing up when it comes to the computer and I only deleted files that I had already got another backup of, just not in the primary backup location...however it does mean a brief delay in posting pictures and an update as I'm letting the PC do it's thing in terms of restoring the images from the network backup and leaving it alone so that it can do the job a little quicker, in reality it's just me being fussy and liking things in their place, but I'd started the process before I noticed what the time was....there's a fair bit to restore because I habitually shoot RAW files which are a lot larger than the JPEG's that get uploaded for you to see....thankfully I still have the phone to post this via.

New plan will be to post the video that I took on Sunday and give a full update with images tomorrow as it's looking like I won't have a lot of time to post if I want to get sufficient beauty sleep to recover from the weekend..no funny comments needed thank you.

Fingers crossed a new post within the hour.



terrylove said...

Ahhh, you don't have one of the very many un-delete utilities that could have recovered your deleted files much quicker than restoring from a backup? Or had you done other file activities and probably corrupted/re-used the disk space used by the originals?

Tudor Cook said...

no, I've got a couple that have saved my bacon in the past, but in this instance I was doing all sorts of stuff at the same time so restoring from the network seemed the best option instead of faffing about with potentially corrupt disk space!