Thursday, 3 June 2010

Plan Ahe

Forward planning....I've not got it! I'll tell you this, three days is not enough between events...either to recover or to finish all the stuff that I had to get done!!

No sympathy needed, it's all my own fault for not keeping an eye on things or the date, so as well as the cookery and planning for July, there's an adult ed' session on chocolate to sort out for a fortnights time, including a tasting session and Power Point presentation; along with a paper on meat in history with a deadline at the end of the well as its associated apologies if I miss stuff out that was'll get to see it eventually.

Looking through all the images that I took over the last weekend, all 433 of them, there are actually none that stand alone, that need little description or that don't form part of a larger picture (no pun intended!). This is exactly as it should be though as the images weren't taken for the blog, but to record the stages in the recipes that we cooked, their use to show you is actually incidental to their true purpose...and to be honest, most are out of focus.
That's not to say that I'm not going to be uploading them for you, it's just that there is a lot of work needed in presenting them in a meaningful fashion and there simply isn't time for that right now.....plenty of material for posts through the month though, without having to resort to the archives of yesteryear.

Now, what about this next weekend?

Well it should run pretty much like last weekend with the exceptions that there will be no roasting due to a lack of washing up facilities and we will have Jorge back from the 1470's and into the 1540' with more bodies on the ground there should be plenty of us to go around between the public...assuming that we get any.
I'd post a list of what is planned, but I left it in the office last week, so I'll try to update you all with that tomorrow; what I do know is that we won't be making the recipe for jelly that I had planned as the butcher cannot supply the requisite ingredients. It's looking very much like the change in ownership of the company has lead to less likelihood of us being able to get any of the stranger meat ingredients that we have had in the past....too much trouble for too little return perhaps?

Not sure who is going to be recording the work this time, it was supposed to be back to Robert, but he said that he had such a good time last week that he wants to do it again, so it could be me...we left it that we'd make a decision tomorrow. If it's Robert then posts as and when I can get time and a signal...if it's me then fingers crossed a few more regular tweets throughout the day and updates should anything odd, unusual, funny or life threatening happen, but that always assumes that technology doesn't let me down again...curse you O2 and your flaky Internet gateway!!!


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terrylove said...

Just tried to watch iPlayer for the Blue Peter stuff, and WTF have they done to that program?

It's presented by demented idiots who, if you summed their IQ's you still wouldn't reach 100.

What would Biddy (Baxter) say about what the Beeb has done to her program.

Richard, don't worry about your part in it, I doubt anyone could blame you for being overrun by the morons who make and present this pie of well rotted crap.

I tried to watch, (I had to give up, it was too painful to my brain), the 3 programs on iPlayer.

The kids may think it's fun, but all pretence of of education, the semblance of the correct use of English or concern for historical fact, (and that from someone who admits to a sieve like knowledge of history), have all been cast away.

Bugger it, and I've just renewed my TV licence, I should have cancelled it.