Monday, 28 September 2009

Panoramic Archive

Well I think I've sorted out the hosting issue for all the old quicktime panoramic images.....let's see if this works then:

With all three you just need to click and drag the image around...I'm sure you'll all work it out.

The first is the Kitchens...

This one is Clock Court, this is when there was renovation work being done on the whole clock tower...

and finally a piece of history, Base Court as it no longer looks! I took this before the work started on re-paving the courtyard....I must get round to doing a newer version, but given that the nights are now drawing in this may have to wait until next year now....still, enjoy this view of the past...

It turned out that the rest of the stuff on the soon to vanish hosting site was the video of a boiling pot, which to be honest, out of the context of the post is really dull....along with the various menus that I've posted in the past. Although these may be interesting they really do need to be linked with the post about them and I just can't face sorting that out at the moment....perhaps in the future but for now they'll just have to vanish into the ether.


Loosing Links

A brief missive to say, firstly that I AM still alive!!! Thanks for the concern from some viewers, my apologies for not replying individually or indeed sooner, but I will just have to leave you with the unhelpful answer of 'I had my reasons, sorry'.

Secondly, one of the hosting providers that I have used to store some of the menus and panoramic images on will be closing within the month. I will NOT be going back to change all of the links in earlier posts to enable these images to remain visible as it will take far too long to do so....this will mean that some of the archive postings will have images missing, sorry. I will though endeavour to re post the panoramic videos/pictures but I can't promise when as I need to sort out storage online for them...just a few things to sort out on this side before I can be sure that I have a place for them all.

More news from me soon I hope and Robert assures me that he will be writing a post very soon too.....but he told me that in June and July as well ;-)