Monday, 28 September 2009

Loosing Links

A brief missive to say, firstly that I AM still alive!!! Thanks for the concern from some viewers, my apologies for not replying individually or indeed sooner, but I will just have to leave you with the unhelpful answer of 'I had my reasons, sorry'.

Secondly, one of the hosting providers that I have used to store some of the menus and panoramic images on will be closing within the month. I will NOT be going back to change all of the links in earlier posts to enable these images to remain visible as it will take far too long to do so....this will mean that some of the archive postings will have images missing, sorry. I will though endeavour to re post the panoramic videos/pictures but I can't promise when as I need to sort out storage online for them...just a few things to sort out on this side before I can be sure that I have a place for them all.

More news from me soon I hope and Robert assures me that he will be writing a post very soon too.....but he told me that in June and July as well ;-)



Dansknecht said...

I'm very glad to hear everything's still up and running. I've never posted here before, but you all do amazing amazing amazing work, and I wish I could come see it first hand. I can't wait to read, see, and hopefully eventually smell more.

All the best,


Doc said...

Good to hear you're still there. If there's anything I can do to help you guys web-wise, let me know.

Elise Fleming said...

Welcome back! I am raising a glass of a nice raspberry cordial to your continued work and blogging!

Argwyth (aka Mary-Cat) said...

So, so glad to see you back. Looking forward to hearing all about the goings-on in the Kitchens, and the Palace again.
All the best,