Sunday, 28 February 2010

Well Hello Stranger!

Yes, we're back the kitchen and thanks to the wonder of modern technology (a new phone) I am able to post to the blog from the comfort of a palace once again.
Quite a lot has happened since the last post here, but most of that has been concerning the new financial year and the mysteries that is the deciding of budgets! Still no concrete decisions or answers, but at the moment the plan is to revert to cooking on the first weekend of the month as well as high days and holidays....more information will come your way in the event that this should change.

So far this weekend it's been the best event for a long while, cracking people to chat with and interesting new things to cook....I'm not going to say too much as Robert has grand plans for a post for you all that will tell you what we have been up to...I'll warn you now that there are no pictures but the text and the nitty gritty will be worth the wait I think (DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible in any way should Robert's post not be worth the wait!!!)

That's all for now as I can hear my bed calling....catch you all soon