Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Chekyns In Like Paest...The Video.

Well the images are safely restored to the hard drive, but as I said earlier I'm only posting the video tonight as I need to sleep after the long weekend...It's not the physical part that exhausts, it's the mental stuff, all that talking and trying to remember facts and figures over and over an then put it into context for the person asking the question as well as packaging it in a way that suits them....really takes it out of you!!

Anyway, the video (which took an age to upload !!)...what's it all about?

The recipe is, as with most that we are cooking at the moment, comes from the Propre New Booke of Cokery from 1545 and is a recipe for a chicken dish that may be a pie...or may not be....but I'll leave that discussion to another post. The important thing for now is that a chicken is cooked in pastry....I think that the recipe itself warrants it's own separate blog post and there won't be time this week for that, so bear with me and I'll get to it after the next weekend of cookery; that will also give me time to go through our respective thoughts on the dish with the rest of the guys.

The video is simply Robin putting the chicken, which has been seasoned with ginger along with butter (which he spread onto the bird for ease of handling) and barberries, into the paste. The paste itself is a complicated story as it comes from the recipe prior to in the book, one for a pie of green apples....I'll post the full details with the post on this recipe next week....it's fairly complex and a little confusing, with what looks to be a possible error in the text and we have had mixed results with our interpretations...either massively short and crumbly, like a shortbread...which has been very difficult to raise or drive out, or ridiculously stretchy....which doesn't raise but will drive out and then wrap around the chicken, as is the case here. Still no real idea if this is correct or not as the recipe uses the word coffyn, but there is a possibility that the chicken is supposed to be removed from the paste at the end...if so then is it important that it's a pie or is it simply a container to keep the liquids and flavour in?

Still, more of that next week.....for now, on with the rather boring video and away to sleep for me.....there is no sound by the way, too many people chattering for it to be any use.



Alys K. said...

How did this paste stand up to the chicken juices? Was the paste thick enough to not split open and release juices? Did you eat the paste after cooking? If so, how was it?

Tudor Cook said...

rather than give a load of answers that will be out of context for those without access to the original recipe, I'l answer all these questions with my post on the recipe next week as the answers are not as cut and dried as you might hope for.