Sunday, 6 June 2010

Another Lunchtime Update For You.

Another opportunity has presented itself for a swift cuppa and a sitdown, so a little time to update you on the work being done today by the guys in the kitchen.

Robin is finishing off his mutton stew that he began yesterday....tastes very fruity, very meaty....not to my taste, but I can see why the rest of the team would be all over it!
As you may have noticed from the tweets, there's tripe in abundance which Marc H is trying to make nice...good luck with that seems to be the popular thoughts...and Robert is starting a recipe to stew capons in white fact he's sat here discussing it with me as I type. It's slightly complicated as the broth is a marrow broth and the bones are rather large and it takes a fair amount of boiling....all of which is looking like he may have been better off if I'd put it on the schedule for yesterday so that there was time to get the whole dish finished....still, about three and a half hours left in the day, so who knows what will happen when the fat lady sings!

Off to take some more images now.


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