Tuesday, 8 June 2010


..to let you all know that there seems to have been a little more success with the pictures from this last weekend when compared to the week before! The light levels in the kitchen mean that a lens with a suitable aperture needs to be used, which gives me a choice of 2...hooray.
Unfortunately they are both manual focus lenses and it takes me a while to get in the swing of using them...though by the end of the weekend I was getting far more hits than misses. The camera is a little 'iffy' in the way that it tells you that it thinks the picture is in focus...and for some reason going digital seems to mean not having a nice split prism to help with manual and optical focus....all of which is why I was reluctant to post stand alone images from last weekend and as with then, I don't have a huge number from the last couple of days either.

What I do have need a little tweaking to get the best from them...which is going to take a bit of time, but just to prove that I did actually do something this past two weekends.....

An other broth recipe

rough and ready pie

spice pots

Will endeavour to post more for your delight on Wednesday....pictures and some recipes too.


1 comment:

terrylove said...

That looks like Marc H's pie of aloes, the one Robin helped with the paste because it was a bit dry or something.

From watching Robert, and Marc, I think the pastes seem to be the most awkward bits of recipes to get right.

Still, a bit rough or not it still looks edible, and that's the main thing, (for me anyway).