Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Brief Respite From The Writing!

To bring you more writing......doh!

Not really an update, rather a quick post to say that although I'm up to my neck in writing this paper...yes, yes I know, should have done it earlier....I am still keeping an eye on things here as well....just don't expect much for the next few days and certainly nothing of any great length or for thoughts about the past weekend of cookery, at the moment you'll have to forget them...I know I have as meat and it's history is all that is now coursing through my head, having successfully supplanted all previous thoughts on chocolate.

I won't be putting much up here about the paper, even when it's finished as Nottingham University Press will have the exclusive rights to publishing, but I should be able to give you the gist of some of the points in it. Writing it is proving to be extremely useful in fleshing out the other stuff that I have been working on for the past year though, so even if it's driving me potty at the moment it'll all be good in the end.

Of course when it's all finished there's the Power-point presentation based on the paper to put together too....and all before Tuesday, so better get a shift on I suppose!

On top of all of this there is of course the small matter of next weekend's cookery event to look forward to. No great surprises in store, just more of the same plodding along and recording what we do sort of thing, but that has proven to be very rewarding of late, so in a way I'm quite looking forward to it. We shall of course endeavour to keep you all posted through the weekend....and I will probably do likewise for the conference that I have to present the paper at next Wednesday and Thursday too.....the Langford Food Industry Conference...though I don't expect the same scope for amusing pictures and anecdotes as we should get working in the kitchens!
Other stuff to sort out next week and weekend is of course the 2nd event in July...Henry's Honeymoon, or as it has been delicately renamed by a wag...the "jolly boat day"...need to run through the plans in person with the guys, not just via email...then try a couple of different thoughts out....more details as and when we get to sort them out.

So having comprehensively burned the candle at this end of the day, time for some kip I suppose.


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