Friday, 11 June 2010

Misplaced Optimism!

Over two days lost to this stupid hard disk upgrade now....arrrrrrghhhh...!*?#@!

The good news is that the disks now seem to be working as they're supposed to, the computer boots up and all the programs are transferred over.
The bad news is that I am now trying to get the stupid machine to re-build some of it's file structure so that all of the data....including all the pictures as well as the talks and paper I'm supposed to be working on.....shows up where it's supposed to be so that I can actually access the data!

It's a 'simple' job that is just taking forever, with goodness knows how many re-boots to get it all working again....fortunately the phone still works so I can still keep you in the loop.

Before all this hassle was started by the disk failure, I had been looking through all of the images from the last two events and was trying to work out if the way I had been taking pictures was the right way to have gone....lots of tedious, step by step shots of just one recipe a day, with the odd shot here and there from the other recipes being prepared and a smattering of general great body of classic shots, just workmanlike drudgery. It struck me that whilst visually fairly boring, they are actually extremely useful especially when combined with the notes that we are trying to make as we go along...although we're not all on the same wavelength with that process at the moment with different people making very different styles of notes.

The pictures really do show where the recipes as cooked match or differ from the recipe as written...combine this with the notes for any salient information or reasons and we are getting the sort of records that will be really useful to us in the future....providing adequate time is taken to label the pictures that is.

Now then, looks like time for another re-boot....images and stuff from the last couple of events as soon as technology permits....


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