Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Day Today

Would you believe it, time for a cup of tea and a little break, so an opportunity to give you a quick update about the cookery.

Carter and Pick are once again showing just how easy some of the recipes really are and how simple they are to cook at home......this is at one end of the kitchen and Jorge is at the other end, chatting about meals, manners and dining.
In the middle the guys are hard at it cooking recipes and chatting to the public. It's been a fairly constant flow of people since we started, not frantic, but certainly full most of the time.

Robert is running round working on a chicken recipe called Bleaw Manger...and seems once again to be loving the opportunity to have a crack at the cookery. Robin is trying out a mutton stew dish and Marc H is cooking A Dish In The Guise Of Beyond The Sea! sounds a lot more exotic than it actually is, a mutton and onion stew, cooked in red wine with spices. We've done it before (well Robert has at least) and it's pretty tasty, can't see why it wouldn't be this time, but the proof of the pudding as they say.....

Time for tea is now over, so back to the grind....


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