Monday, 31 May 2010

Back In The Real World

Finally back home and totally exhausted.....and I was only taking pictures and recording the weekend...hats off to the guys for some excellent work this weekend and some cracking food, especially given the high visitor numbers. Lot's of new and interesting thoughts and ideas to feed back into the project later on throughout the year.

As it turns out I didn't manage to take any more video today, mainly because there wasn't anything that warranted it, perhaps next weekend will prove to be a little more fruitful in that respect. You'll have to wait a short while for pictures, video and a full report from this stuff calls, but I'll update you all, probably tomorrow and let you know most of the plans for next week before we get back to the Palace on Friday. I've also got to take a good look at the phone to see if it was responsible for the flaky signal and service I was getting for the last 2 days or whether it was the service provider.....we'll just have to see.

The big problem for the rest of the week is remembering that today was a Monday (bank holiday) and that there are only 3 days before it's back to the grind, not 4 as it really feels like a Sunday right now.

That's all you get for the moment, thanks to all the visitors who came to the kitchen this weekend.....and all of you reading this as you've made this a record month for visitors to the blog and my inane ramblings....cheers!


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terrylove said...

I'll echo your thanks to the guys, it did seem to be quite busy, either with surges of visitors coming through between jousts, or trying to catch up with the cooking activities between surges.

Personally I don't know how any of you survive in Tudor shoes on thos stone floors, I usually do every other day but did all 3 this time and my feet killed me, (and my leg and my back).

The problem is, I can think of more questions every time I visit, will it ever end? I keep some for later though and maybe the answers will appear unpromted.