Sunday, 2 May 2010

Vote Of Thanks

While I remember I really do have to say thanks to Jorge and Marc H for all the advertising of the blog that they have done of late and especially today...cheers guys, I owe you a beer for all that 'hard sell' you have done, it's most apreciated.


terrylove said...

Just wanted to say thank you to all the guys who put up with me hanging around for 2 out of the 3 days this May Day weekend.

I didn't come the 3rd day because a) I was sure you'd all had enough of me and my camera by then, and b) my back was complaining about bouncing around on tubes and buses, and then standing around all day. I shall however return to annoy everyone another day...

BTW, I'm pleased that the new format you tried this weekend seemed to work pretty well (from my view). Or at least it wasn't quite as incongruous having the Barrys and Robert in modern gear, and in fact opened up interesting potential ways forward.

Of course, how it worked for you and them is another matter.

medievalpaint said...

So it should have been your round on Sunday night, there was I feeling all guilty for not buying one.

I do it for the love, not the beer, not that I would hold my breath in any case.

A good busy weekend, I hadn't realised that turning a spit meant so much standing up. We had what looked like thousands of kids queueing up for the privilege of cooking my dinner ;-)

terrylove said...

Was it my round? No one said... my back was giving out by the end of Sunday, Monday was a day resting it, I'll have to avoid carrying the backpack, that seems to trigger it like nothing else.

Tudor Cook said...

@medievalpaint had you not been so busy on Saturday with your Eric Cartman impression, bleating on about staying in..or indeed if you'd turned up on Friday evening you'd have found I was in the chair both nights!
The fact was on Sunday that you shirked your round buying duties by deferring to Robert's generosity I believe ;0)

medievalpaint said...

No Terry mate, Tudor Cook's, apropos his thanks to Marc H and I for plugging him.

You are always welcome, nice to meet someone normal for a change, well, as normal as any of our friends are.

terrylove said...

Yeah, I twigged I got confused (it happens quite often) but was hoping it would all blow over and not get mentioned.

I do object to being called "normal", I hate normal, it's so ordinary.