Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Missing Link

For reasons that aren't that important we don't have Robin or Ross with us this weekend...without doubt they will be missed as Jorge was at Easter.... The big question though is what exactly is it that they both do of a weekend that is so vital but so taken for granted by the rest of us that it won't get done?

So far the gueses, which obviously discount them as we do know that they do these jobs, incude ... Sorting out the charcoal, firelighting sticks and the waste bin for Robin, sorting out the water jugs, spit and drip tray for Ross.

There has to be something that we've overlooked.....perhaps it will be revealed tomorrow.

Anyhow, all plans are sorted, the shopping is here and come the morning I'm sure that we will be raring to go....until then, bed calls.


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