Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What's The SP with BP?

Having been berated by no.1 fan for not telling about the Blue Peter gig earlier I supppse I should let you know what it's all about shouldn't I?

Seems that they are doing an entire Tudor special programme and the bulk of it is coming from good old HCP...including a stint from yours truly and it me or does that sound a little too much like some kind of cheesy knock off superhero duo?, just me then!
In fact, for those of you familiar with the BP format, we're providing the cook along make, well the inspiration for it at least.

The big problem with it all though is that they have got a lot of their 'facts' fron external or outdated sources and have embedded these so deep into the makeup of the show that changing things is proving to be VERY tricky. I've done telly stuff before based on other peoples 'research' and come out of it feeling like I've been had so I'm not looking forward to the next couple of evenings.....who knows, perhaps they'll have listened this time!

Anyhow, they want a cokentrice made....which is what we are doing tonight...and then a haslet of fruit...tomorrow night and the inspiration for their make. If you have a chance when it's broadcast (I'll try and find out dates for you) to watch and try their recipe then I'd be interested to see what you think...if you can't watch it live then no doubt it'll be on auntie beeb's iplayer.

Hopefully more updates later.



terrylove said...

Wonder if the program will air before half term / spring bank holiday weekend. Would that drive up the visitor figures I wonder.

Tudor Cook said...

no idea on a transmission date yet, will let you all know if and when I find out.

Hard to tell other than anecdotally if figures are up because of it, but it should make a difference for a few months I would think with kids adding to Tudor projects and convincing mum and sad to take them out to see the Tudor sights.

terrylove said...

Ummm, when you say in your reply

"... convincing mum and sad..."

Was that a typo or ironic humor, I do so hope it was the latter...

Tudor Cook said...

yeah yeah mock the afflicted why don't you ;0) was a typo