Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Beaten By The Clock!

Time has defeated me in my quest to post a meaningful entry about the last weekend of cookery...I have got to get some kip now as the next couple of days will be long and tiring....both physically and mentally, looks like we'll be recording until 9.30/10.oo p.m. each day, then add the washing up time and commute!

the shopping list took longer than I thought and I still have to transfer Roberts pictures from the email to the Flickr account....interesting with the shopping though that they do actually have the right wine in stock, well as right as it's possible to get at this short notice.

So, stay tuned for a re-scheduled post that will also include details of the Blue Peter gig as well and plans for the next weekend of cooking...all in all it should be a bumper post when it arrives!

So saying though, it's also possible that I'll pop something up when we finish with the filming each day, but no promises there either.


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