Saturday, 1 May 2010

8 Men Went To Mow...

Did we notice being down to an 8 man team today? Hell yes!

As you'll have noticed there were no tweets or posts once the working day began, quite simply because there was never an oportunity to take 5 minutes out for a break and an update. It would be unfair to say that we've been rushed off of our feet, or super busy but what it has been is constant....lots of lovely people to talk with one after another, after another.

After a little bit of a shaky start things settled down quite nicely and Robert managed to take a good number of pictures that should illustrate quite well the three recipes that we prepared today...the plan for tonight is a swift pint in the pub over which we will discuss how the day went, what the images look like and what we will do tomorrow....after that, if I can get a mobile signal, I'll update you all.

Carter and Pick also made some interesting progress so I have been told, just got to pin them down to find out what it was.

For now though it's time to empty the washing machine and hang all our cloths an aprons up to dry.....washday hands here we come!


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