Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Plea For Posterity

OK, so nothing to do with cooking or the Tudors, but for those in the UK who are interested in social history and would like to add to the written record so that in the future we can have a better archive to help out people like us, have a look here at the Mass Observation site.

Their project is large and ambitious and there are all sorts of links to follow on the page to join in with their recording (providing that you are male, 16-44 and don't live in the South East or West at this current time)....they do though want everyone to join in with the one day observation and provide a diary for posterity.

All the details are there when you click on the links , do make sure you read the instructions carefully as if you miss out the permission text then they won't be able to use your go a know you want to.

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