Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Brief Blue Peter Update

OK, going to keep it short and sweet because I'm exhausted and have to get some kip before another long day at the Palace....lots to prep for the filming tomorrow evening as well as a couple of meetings to squeeze in as well!

Today went pretty well, even considering the reservations I had about making a cokentrice in the first place. After a bit of thought Robin and I worked out a plan of attack and were ready to crack on when the crew finally made their way through the rush hour traffic. Now we had planned to stick the front of the bird (a turkey in this case) on to the back of the pig, mainly because it was easier to fit them together that way, but also because although they had just about kept the head on the bird they had cropped its feet off which destroyed the potential look for us. Unfortunately the crew assumed it would be the other way round and it took a few minutes to convince them to listen to the "experts"...after all that's what we are being paid and employed for surely?

As always, Robin played a blinder and there was no way I'd have managed to build the creature without him.....he did all the cutting and removal of surplus to requirement bits then I got to sew it all back together....I think that any thoughts of a fall back career in cosmetic surgery are truly misplaced.

As it turns out they were really pleased with the results (you'll have to make do with the Twitter image at the moment as it seems most of my pictures are extremely blurred!!) and we now await the filming tomorrow to see if it will stand up to going on the spit and in front of the fire!?!?

Off to bed now, but will try to keep you updated throughout the day tomorrow, here if time allows but otherwise via tweets for you all.

Pictures to follow when the dust has settled....and Robert has time to burn them onto a DVD for me.


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