Thursday, 1 July 2010


as you may have seen on the Twitter feed, I'm fascinated by the number of people who have 'followed' then 'un-followed' a day or so one case within hours! OK so it's not hundreds, but when you only have 15 followers, you notice every one come and go.

Almost all of them appear from the name or bio or picture to be connected with food in some way...critic/reviewer/recipe 'creator' and definitely 'modern' food. I'm just fascinated as to the Twitter mentality of "follow....oh actually it's not for me, I'll un-follow" when surely watching their tweets for a while would tell you what you're gonna get and how frequently you'll get it.

I'd like to think that if you read through the Twitter profile that you might visit the blog and have a look at the sort of things you're likely to get....yes there's food stuff, but certainly in my mind that's secondary to the history stuff.

Simply put...I'd think it was obvious, if you read the drivel that I write here and on Twitter, what you were going to get...that's all it was about, not about ratings or numbers or undesirables ;0)

As it happens last month was a bumper one for visitors...a record 877 visits over the month, so thanks to all that came and more thanks to all that have 'stayed' as it were.....I can only promise you more of the same!!

Now on to other things.....

This weekend sees another blast of activity in the kitchens, sorry but I can't recall what we've got planned as the food conference has been totally all consuming for me for the last week...I'm sure I remember some roast mutton being on the plans as well as a couple of tarts and another go at the 'snow' recipe, using the pictures has been great for looking at where our versions have diverged from the recipe and although I'm not too worried about following the words to the letter (more about this in a future posting) there are certain things that can't be missed out and the concentrating on single recipes to record them along with the diary that we are keeping has been very useful in terms of future planning....but as you know I've said all this before!
I think that there are a couple of sweet cream based dishes too, but as I was saying to Carter earlier, I've had no confirmation about the shopping order, so who knows what's going to happen.

It's now back to business as usual and planning for the next few events now that the conference is out of the way. I seem to have been received well enough, well at least a few people got one of the points I was making (mainly about looking at the data being recorded today and asking if it's the right data for the future as well as for current business) and enough people asked enough questions for the organisers to be happy that they'd invited me.
I think it was worthwhile going from my point of view...even if a lot of the hardcore science went well over my head (I really didn't need to hear so much about alpha linolenic acid and long chain omega 3 additions to the meat output of the least I don't think I did anyway)....there was still some really fascinating stuff about climate change and the meat industry, dairy produce and a host of other stuff that I'm sure I won't remember until the proceedings are published.

Oh well, back to the Tudor kitchens now, should be there from midday tomorrow with posts and Tweets as and when I get the chance.....but as I can say, don't expect me to be producing a foodie review site any time soon ;0)


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Racaire said...

I have to admit that I follow your blog at my google reader for some time now - I like your blog, even if I am an embroiderer just doing mundane cooking :D