Saturday, 24 July 2010

How Queer!!

No update at the moment, I seem to be sat here with a raging temperature, the room spinning and feeling like I'll be spending some time in the bathroom tonight....looks like I spent too much time making sure everyone was drinking enough stood in the sun and not enough time doing it myself...what a plonker.

Will post update when room stops moving so much.....oh and by the way, it is most certainly not booze related before you jump to conclusions =o)


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling even more guilty about that ice cream now :o(

Tudor Cook said...

tis looking like some general lurgie type thing more than the heat now.....although would kill for that ice cream to soothe the raspingly sore throat ;o)

terrylove said...

I think there is some summer bug, cold, virus, whatever going about.

I had something that I thought was a pollen allergy that turned into cold/mild flu symptoms and ended with a mild chest infection a few weeks ago.

Several other people I know have also had what the described as colds or bugs as well.

The high temp, sweating etc. sounded like a sunstroke, (I've had that, twice, when younger and it's nasty feeling) so maybe you had/have a combined nasty.

Ahhh, you mentioned ice cream, I remember what I was going to Google, ice cream makers... excuse me, I've got something to do...

Get well soon BTW