Thursday, 22 July 2010

PRO Progress

Well a top day spent at the National Archives today has seen me claw a little bit of that lost research time back....woo hoo!

Lots looked at, in the main to see how close a lot of the Victorian calendar versions of the documents are and to check if/what was left out....mostly not much as it happens, so I can be happy that the conclusions I'm drawing so far are based on reasonable evidence and not just based on incomplete secondary sources...all in all a great use of a day...and hopefully the first of a few as I still have a looooong list of documents I need/want to look at. All I have to do is get my eye in on reading the scratchy Tudor handwriting....I'll never complain about my doctors scribbles again!!

So, this weekend then, I suppose I'd better let you know what you're likely to hear from me....truth be told, not much until the end of Saturday and then possibly something on Sunday. Saturday is an all hands in period clothes event, so no chance to Tweet or post here...and no chance to take pictures for either Robert or myself.....Terry has threatened to pop along so fingers crossed he'll take a few and we might even be able to sweet talk him into using Roberts camera if he does show (although I know he had a lot planned for this weekend, so who knows if/when we may see him....drop me a line if you're reading this Terry, you know how to get in touch easiest)

Fingers crossed the weather holds for Saturday at least as it would be a real shame to have rain stop play...unfortunately there's no wet weather option that's much of a substitute for the planned shenanigans, so let's just hope it stays sunny....but cool...don't want to be stood in the garden with no shade in blazing sunshine now do we?

Afraid this has to be another brief post as I need some kip and the words on the screen are starting to look like a big black blur...not too conducive to sensible writing I feel.

More as and when over the weekend, should be able to Tweet some set-up details and images tomorrow fingers crossed.


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terrylove said...

The PRO place is at Kew isn't it? I've seen signs for something anyway, and keep meaning to go and see if I can fill in the gap in the family tree thing I've done, (do they have census records? - the on-line stuff finishes with the 1911 census and I want to look at between then and 1961).

Anyway, glad your research is inching forward, if only you could put aside those boring "work things" that keep interfering.