Friday, 18 May 2007

Photo Love Story

Why? Quite simply because we all loved how this recipe turned out!!


¶Take fayre buttys of Vele & hewe hem

and grynd hem in a morter, & wyth þe olkys of eyroun, & with þe whyte of eyroun; an caste þer-to powder Pepyr, Canel, Gyngere, Clowys powþer, & datys y-mynced, Safroun, & raysonys of Coraunce, an sethe in a panne wyth fayre water, an let it boyle; þan wete þin handys in Raw eyroun, þan take it an rolle it in þin hondys, smaller or gretter, as þow wolt haue it, an caste it in-to boyling water, an let boyle y-now; þan putte it on a Spete round, an lete hem rosty;

þen take flowre an olkys of eyroun, an þe whyte, an draw hem þorwe a straynowre, an caste þer-to pouder Gyngere, an make þin bature grene

with þe Ius of Percely, or Malwys, in tyme of ere Whete,

an caste on þe pommys as þey turne a-boute,

& serue forth.

To be honest, we were all fairly convinced that they would fall off of the spit in minutes and would never even get to the batter stage. So when they came off the spit, finished and looking like they did.....well we were stunned. The fact that several members of the public thought we had some apples in a bowl was just a bonus. It was so successful that I've put it on the menu again for the coming cookery weekend to make sure that it wasn't a fluke.
This time we'll be trying to make them a little smaller, less like modern cultivated apples.......and we'll aim to get more photographs of the process to fill in the blanks.


Charles Fleming said...

They look lovely! We made some "golden" apples using the saffron endoring paste variation, and they worked well also. Glad to hear they stayed together on the skewers; we baked ours for fear of crumbling. My daughter had the cute idea of adding whole cloves as stems for the apples. It was a nice touch, and fooled some people. In this age of tofu hot dogs, it's fun to have meat masquerading as a fruit!

Liz said...

Those look amazing! I agree that I would have had the same concern regarding the spit. Now I want to try this. I love illusion food done well.