Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Better Late Than Never!

Sorry for the delay, I know I said that I'd post on Monday.......but I didn't, so there.

To make up for lost time there's a bumper crop for you to see over at Flikr, 18 of Roberts images from Easter, some cracking ones at that - including some up close and personal of the've been warned.

Also as promised, here are the menus for this coming weekends cookery (again a little wider than the blog can cope with, but you get the idea) :

'twas finalized last week and the shopping lists are in, so here's hoping it all works out this weekend.
The observant amongst you will notice that dinner has grown a little compared to Easter... hopefully we'll be able to cope, but I'm sure that you'll find out if we don't.

I splurged out today and bought myself a new camera....thanks to certain peoples generosity. This means I won't have to be reliant on Robin for his camera to take digital images to show you, but should mean that we get a greater ability to capture images as there should always be a camera about within the kitchen area.

More pictures tomorrow, and some info' about the June cookery weekend....somewhat of a departure from the norm as it happens.

As a sneaky peek and a bit of a clue to what June's this gormless git:

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