Thursday, 3 May 2007

A Departure From The Norm!

will be the only way to describe the June weekend i think. For those of you who didn't already know, this year the Tudor cookery will be taking place on the first weekend of each month along with holiday weekends and between Christmas and New Year (forthcoming dates will be to your right as you read this!).
For the holiday weekends we will be running the kitchen pretty much as you'll have seen here in the blog - as part of the Palace wide Tudor experience, producing two meals a day ready for the correct Tudor meal times. On the other weekends the aim is to do something a little different, some experimental work, some investigative work and with the June weekend......a little bit of a retrospective:

You'd never believe we had so little equipment would you?

The idea for the June weekend is to give you the visitor an idea of how much the project has changed over the years, to find out what you see in the kitchen is based on, to get a hands on and close up look at some original artefact's as well as looking at some of the stuff we don't use anymore as research has made it redundant.

There will be a chance to see photo's from earlier years cookery events, like this blast from the past:

which I think is from 1996, when it would appear that we weren't expecting any visitors!?! that can be the only reason for us to have the tables so far forward into the kitchens.

The aim is to have the kitchen divided into 3 areas. The first will have photo's from our dim and distant past, along with some original artefact's, reproductions and other items for you to handle and get a much closer look than normal.

The second area will have some cookery happening in it, simple stuff from all the time periods that we have displayed in the kitchens......the sort of recipes that you can try at home probably, although I have yet to work that bit out.

The third area will have some of the historic clothes available for you to get a close look at, to see how they were made and more importantly, how they've fared over their days/weeks/month of use and as usual all the guys will be on hand to answer any and all you questions.
This will be your chance to see how things have changed from when we used to look like this paragon of youthful virtue:

Bless his cotton socks eh?

So if you're at a loose end over the weekend June 2nd/3rd then pop in to see how much things have changed. Don't forget as well that we're cooking this weekend - Saturday to Monday - as well as the next Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the month so if you get a chance, pop in and see the kitchens in action first hand.

Text posts for the next few days boys and girls then I'll play catch up with pictures when we get back from the weekend.

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