Thursday, 24 May 2007

Standby For Action!

Bags are packed, menu is ready, deliveries are expected, charcoal and wax are there already.......lets get ready to cook!

We're all set now for this weekend of cookery, just got to get there tomorrow to start it all in motion. Next weekend is still somewhat of an enigma it must be said. the broad strokes are there, just the nitty gritty that's lacking at the moment.....not that I'm worried, as it will all come good on the day I'm sure, but that optimism doesn't help with putting the shopping list together - which is tomorrows main priority.

I've sent the final set of Roberts pictures from the last weekend to Flikr for you to see and we're now up to date and ready to take a load more this weekend. With the June weekend in such close proximity to this May bank holiday event the picture posting will I'm sure blur into one, but should at least tide you over until the July weekend (for those who don't know already we shall be cooking on the first whole weekend of each month this year)

I've a fair idea of some of the images i want/need to take to fill in some gaps, as well as some video that needs shooting for use next weekend. Tomorrow will see another test of our ideas for projection of images and video that we have planned for next week; preliminary tests on Wednesday were remarkably encouraging and if it all 'comes good' then it should be a pretty cool weekend.....but more of that next week.

As mentioned above, the new delivery of wax arrived a couple of days ago, so hopefully work on the fountain will progress apace (fingers crossed). New boy jorge is all set and raring to go, so a busy weekend of cookery, wax and training awaits us.

Usual rules apply - I'll blog when/if I can each night but text only until we get back due to the limitations of technology.


Anonymous said...

What mechanism will make the fountain work when it's done? That is, how'd they make it go without batteries?

Tudor Cook said...

At the moment it is planned to be simlply gravity fed. The top level will be the tank that then drains into the lower levels.

However they are also considering a syphon system....but that would need a LOT of work and is very much a 'wish list' idea at the moment.