Sunday, 6 May 2007

I'm Pretty Sure You Didn't Want To Do That!!

Another busy day today with over 2500 ticket sales and the kitchens full of people all day.
All the food went very well with fyllets en galentine and the fryed benes being the standout winners with everyone.....we're now reaping the consequences of eating all those lentils though!?!

Dave and Adrian have been at a bit of a loose end today, without more wax they really are at a dead end. However, whilst showing someone who had seen the St George being started the finished model the boys noticed that it has sagged a little and needed a touch of maintenance.

"Don't worry, we'll just lift it up a bit and put some chocks in underneath....she'll be right".........famous last words.
As they picked it up, the 'mountain' base collapsed into it's many constituent parts!! The upshot being that they have cast a new 1 piece base and will be spending tomorrow rebuilding the model.....still, should keep them quiet though.
Not to worry, inspite of a low battery i did get some photo's and video for you to see.

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