Saturday, 26 May 2007

Baptism Of Fire?

Well, not really! Jorges first day 'front of house' was surprisingly busy for a Saturday. Pretty similar to the last Bank Holiday weekend as it happens......very busy very early on......and staying that way until the rains came at about 4.30.
So saying, he's not exactly new to all of this. We've known him for years and he's been on our list of suitable candidates for most of that time as he's done similar stuff as a hobby for decades now! He fits in well with the team (equally filthy minded tee hee), good with the public and posessing a good all round knowledge base........only time will tell if he truly 'meshes' with everyone else.

Apart from that, very little to report i'm afraid.....hopefully more tomorrow.


Helen said...

Thank you for producing some a wonderful book. The sections before the actual recipes are extremely informative and very helpful in reading the recipes. The fact that the big is proportionally larger than your original copies that you use at the Palace, goes a long way to easing the reading.

And, yes, I have pretty much read all of the sections before the recipes. An excellent guide to getting you started. I really like the way you have broken down the Apple Muse recipe. It should give a good grounding to anyone “giving it a go” for the first time. It is certainly an excellent way to approach other recipes.

I’ve tried numerous of the dishes that you guys have cooked at the Palace and have had great fun in doing so. It can be labour intensive, or you can take modern-day shortcuts, such as using a food processor or blender to “draw through a strayner”. But there is a lot of fun and a great sense of achievement in doing things the long way; my husband has adapted a colander for me by drilling in additional holes.

To everybody out there who is reading this blog, you MUST have a go at some of the recipes that have been posted. Pick a simple one, try it. Then try again, adjusting the quantities of spices etc upwards (or downwards if you go OTT to start with). If you’re doing an apple or pear recipe, try a different variety. Use a different quantity of honey (or variety for that matter). EXPERIMENT. It is so well worth all the effort (yup, can be very labour intensive). But I thoroughly enjoy it, and we’ve had some wonderful, different meals. HAVE A GO! You won’t regret it.

Thank you again for the book.


Elise Fleming said...

How about a photo of Jorges to go with the other Hampton Court cooks?

jorge kelman said...

As the newbie in question, I had a fantastic weekend and would officially like to pass on my sincerest thanks to the team for making me so welcome, it was truly a great place to be.

It is evident that the team know their stuff and are prepared to use the project as a basis for learning in all the layers the project presents.

To say, from a newbie perspective, that it was a learning experience is somewhat of an understatement, there is so much to be interested in and for sure the boys know how to take that interest and pass it on to the public (and to newcomers) in as enthusiastic and original way possible.

I do not exaggerate when I say that people were captivated. It is plain to see that no aspect of the period and the subject is glossed over, because it all has its part to play in the project. The shoes we wore, the clothes that wear out, the dyes that fade (or not), the social order in which people of the time ate, the clear differences between then and now are amazing and how eating habits shape people as individuals and as groups.

Comments along the lines of 'this is wonderful and a true asset to our/your heritage' were far from uncommon. No day passed without us noticing the same couple or individual that was rapt with wonder at team's progress from dinner (10 am) to Supper (4pm), some of whom were obvious regulars if the first name basis familiarity was anything to go by and others were those who happened by and were struck at how interesting food really can be.

Enough of my gushing, I am still in a daze, not to mention now part cow (Ross is an excellent spitboy).

Once again, thanks chaps for a fantastic trip back in time, in more ways than one and I look forward to Friday.

Fitch, you can email me to verify that it is I posting here.


jorge kelman said...

Yeah, what Elise said.

O know you might have to have a wide angle lens Mr F, but you could do some magic.

As it happens Elise, and I kid you not, I do not know what I look like in my kit, I not once saw myself in a mirror below the neck, so have no clear idea.


Helen said...

You looked good Jorge. I got a few photos, though you managed to keep trying to look away!!!! You'll learn!

Clothes looked great - nice to see some that are spick and span, if only for a short time as they'll soon "weather".

It was great to see you muck in with all the others and interact with all the visitors, young and old alike. First time visitors wouldn't have guessed it was your first time with the boys. Interesting the way you were helping put the beef on the spit!

See you all at the weekend.