Monday, 21 May 2007

Not Much To Say....

....other than there are now a few more images at the Flikr account for you to look at should you wish, a few digital shots by me and the rest by won't be hard pushed to tell the difference.

Preparations for this coming weekends cookery are pretty much now in place, all the food is ordered, hopefully the charcoal that is on order will arrive.....along with the wax so that the boys can continue with the fountain.
This weekend will see our 'new boy' starting with us, Jorge....pretty much a baptism of fire I feel but apparently he's looking forward to a weekend of hard work and washing bronze pots !?! (don't worry, he'll learn)

Preparations for this weekend may be sorted out, but the following weekend (June 2nd and 3rd) is still a way off being sorted. We've got lots of grand plans, but little substance at the moment!
It's all very good planning a weekend showing how the interpretation in the kitchen is done, how it's all researched and how the work has evolved over the years, but that does mean an awful lot of things needs to be sorted out; so this week will see a lot of work being done to get this nailed down......images to be printed, labels to write and objects to sort out; as well as some video to edit, although this can't be done until early next week as some of it will be shot this weekend. Fear not though.... for those of you who can't get to Hampton Court for that weekend (most of you I'm guessing) I'll post the video up for you to see, along with many of the images that we'll be using .......along with the usual pictures of the weekend itself.

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