Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Would You Adam And Eve It??

Despite the typical holiday weekend weather (rain, rain and more rain) it looks like we had around 2000 ticket sales a day each day this weekend!

The weather was really lousy on Sunday with the kitchen resembling the proverbial black hole of Calcutta.......so no photographs due to the lack of light. Also that day absolutely nothing of note happened hence the lack of a post that night, I'm pretty sure that you're as fed up reading 'and all the dishes made it to the table' as I am writing it.

Sunday was a little better light wise, so a few pictures were taken and I've put the first batch up on Flikr for all to see.
Until we get a 'proper' picture of Jorge - you tart - here is the best I can do at the moment:

He's on the right and is probably pondering whether or not he should have some more beef? (hence his comment about becoming part cow - by ingestion if nothing else). To be honest I never thought that he wouldn't be able to do the job, otherwise we wouldn't have asked him to join us and it was good to see that, as Helen has commented, he slotted into place right away and only the lack of grime on his clothes pointed to him being the 'new boy'. He has also brought some new ideas to some of the techniques that we were using over the weekend so he's not just a pretty face!

Plenty of video was taken for me to edit together ready for next weekend, but that can wait until tomorrow. I'll endeavour to post the best bits up for you to look at.....but will probably save the best until after next weekend........well, you never know, you might come to the palace and see it for yourselves and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now would I?

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