Thursday, 31 May 2007

Sometimes I Wonder Why I Bother!!

12 hours of my life wasted yesterday, waiting for my PC to render some of the video for this weekend........and after that it had errors in the final version and it refused to run!?!?!! Now admittedly I did get on with some other stuff....just not the computer stuff that needed doing, hence the lack of a post yesterday.

By way of making up, as well as the final few pictures from last weekend (I told you we didn't get the chance to take many), I've also uploaded this video to Youtube:

It is in its own way a bit of history as it's a heavily edited segment of a video taken in 1991 at the first ever live interpretation event at Hampton Court. You'll have to excuse the quality as it has gone from a 16 year old VHS tape to DVD then converted to a .avi file and then to .wmv before sending it to youtube.
It forms part of the display that we aim to project onto the kitchen wall this weekend as part of our 'Interpreting the Interpretation' weekend. The reason that we are doing this is that we do not have access to the modern kitchen that we store our ingredients in and wash up in, so are unable to do our normal 'thing'. So we thought 'how about showing people how we do what we do?'; in other words, if you visit the kitchens this weekend you'll see an exhibition of images of past cookery events - to show how we've evolved the interpretation over time. You'll also get a chance to see and handle some of the original artifacts that we have used and studied and then had reconstructed to try out, you'll also have the chance to get much closer to some of the items that we take for granted in our work and that normally would be out of the way on our side of the work area.
We will be cooking too, don't worry about that; however we will be in modern chefs whites (if they arrive in the post) and aim to cook a selection of recipes from all of the periods of cookery that we have done in the past - with a real aim to demonstrate quick, easy to prepare dishes that are eminently cookable in a modern kitchen, as well as preparing and practicing some of the techniques and dishes that we don't often get a chance to cook.

The final thing that you'll get a chance to see is some of the different clothes that we have made over the years. Usually you don't get much of a chance to see these close up due to the fact that we are wearing them, but for this weekend you can have a close look at the construction techniques used along with the fabrics and many of the small objects that we all carry in our pockets. Hopefully it'll prove to be an interesting event for all concerned......but I do have to stress the highly experimental nature of this weekends event.

Finally for tonight, the last installment of the photo love story!

forming the mix into balls, and then poaching them in water:

so that they are ready to go onto the spit:

And lastly....the amount of parsley that we used to get a good amount of green juice from:

....don't worry about waste though, we didn't use all of the juice that Barry and Jorge made, we saved the excess (I hope!) and aim to use it this weekend to try and make green comfits - sugar coated seeds.

Same rules as usual.....text only this weekend and pictures next week........TTFN

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Elise Fleming said...

I'd be interested in hearing how much the parsley coloring affects the taste of the seed that is "comfited". Also, how about details of number of charges given to the seeds, sugar temperature, etc.?