Monday, 23 April 2007


yet another test of stuff that Robert won't be able to see!?! - you may be asked to download 'Quicktime' to view this, that's no bad thing really and most new PC's come with it pre-installed.

Again, as before the image is controlled by moving the mouse over it......this time though you need to 'click and drag' the image using the left mouse key.

The image is from the year 2000 I think?? We were doing Charles I and the Stuarts anyway - that's not important though, it's the technology not the image I want to play with, although worth mentioning that the kitchen display doesn't look much like this any more!

I'd really appreciate it if you could comment to let me know if you CAN'T see the image in this post.......Thanks.

Oh and by the way.........10 more images have gone to Flikr for you all to see.
I also seem to have been having problems with one of the sites that hosts some of my images, so for example the post below 'Testing...1,2,3' may be empty, thereby negating the whole point of the post!?!

I'll give it a bit and see if it recovers before trying to re arrange stuff between hosts. It's also worth mentioning that the panorama here is quite large and could potentially hammer my free bandwidth at the site I'm hosting it on......if it vanishes in a couple of days then that's why.....all part of the testing folks.

More later guys and gals.


No.1 fan said...

Thanks Tudor cook for fixing it so I can view all the images,can't wait to pay my next visit to Hampton Court,when hopefully I will have received my copy of The Boke of Cokery,for you to sign.
No.1 fan

Anonymous said...

Hello Tudor Cook!

I like this site but seeing you all in the flesh is much more fun!

Pardon me for being an ignoramous, but where do you get hold of the book from?

The Palace bloke who bothers you all with his camera!

See you soon!!!

Tudor Cook said...

'anonymous' (yeah right hee hee) the book is available from or by clicking on the Noble Boke of Cokery icon just down from the top in the column on the right.

Catch you soon.