Friday, 20 April 2007

Normality Has Been Resumed!

....Well as normal as it's ever going to get anyway. Cash has been sorted, transactions transacted and a full Flikr account purchased for the next 12 months. All of which means 'go...go...go...' for posting pictures. So without further ado........the next 10 images have been uploaded for your delight and delectation!
Another mish mash selection, heavy on the meat and including some pictures of the wax model that Dave and Adrian are now working on- a working fountain based on one of those in the painting 'The Field of the Cloth of Gold'......obviously not full sized though......that would be silly......and would need a LOT of wax! I have a short video that I'll put up on youtube over the weekend that will give you an idea of the way it will hopefully work.
As usual with this sort of thing, half way through and they worked out how they would make it if they were to begin again; which means that they aren't happy with what they have now.......which leads to eternal disappointment for them, anguish, soul searching - 'should we start again?'....'well, it could be so much better....' damned perfectionists, never happy eh! Still I think it's pretty damned good and so does everyone else that's seen it so far. You can make your own minds up when it's finished and I post the pictures here.
Best of all with the wax stuff, it will eventually go on display, like the St George and the dragon from last year, within the Tudor kitchen area at Hampton Court, so many more people will be able to see it than just those that come to the events or pop in here.

Back to the photos though. One of the added benefits of the full Flikr account is the ability to create 'sets' to sort out the images, which simply means it should be easier for you all to find images from previous events and the like. Another benefit is the 'unlimited' uploads and storage which means that in theory I can show you any and all the photos that we take. I won't bore you with all of them though, just the best, interesting and the odd!

All of which has breathed new life into Robert, our Clerk/woodworker/photographer and all round good egg. The thought that people might actually see the photo's he takes has kick started him off into taking all sorts of images as well as thinking about the possibility of others. The disk of his photo's from Easter arrived in the post this morning and I'll post some up for you to see soon; I also know that he is now thinking of all the possible ways he could take arty images of the work we do - and if he wasn't 'til he read this....he is now !
I'm not sure if he'll be able to see the previous post, but if he can then I'm sure that it will inspire him to be planning some BIG pictures for the future.

More images and some recipes to come over the weekend........stay tuned for the next mildly exciting episode.......anything could happen in the next half hour!!

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