Tuesday, 17 April 2007

So.....Let's Recap

As promised, I've just uploaded the first of the pictures to the Flikr account - 10 to start with, more to follow as we took over 200 digital images and a similar number of film stills which I'm waiting for Robert to get processed. As usual with the link to Flikr, it'll take a short while for them to show up on the right of the page.
I'm not going to bore you with all the images but will endeavour to share the choicest with you.

I've also popped a couple of videos up on youtube, which should be below. They are both of Pick trying out his new toy........a cleaver for cutting up all things meaty!

First one is him using it to mince pork:

Second one shows him using the back of the blade to break open bones to extract the marrow:

As you can see, it does that rather efficiently......which was handy as he had a fair bit of that to do so that we could have enough marrow for all the cookery over the 10 days.

Back to the pictures; there's no real order to them apart from the fact that each subsequent batch will be from further through the week than the previous ones....so saying, the exceptions to that will be when Robert sends me the film images for upload.....although I'll make it obvious which ones they are when I post them.

More to come tomorrow, perhaps with some of the recipes.

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