Thursday, 19 April 2007

Something Fishy This Way Comes!

The first of the recipes appear below........all for various fishes and all used over the first two days of the Easter cookery.

It suddenly occurred to me that by posting all of the recipes, I would rather be reducing the potential for sales of the recipe book (damn! how mercenary of me!?!) So.......yes I will be posting recipes from the cookery events, both from Easter and in the future, just not all of the recipes that we used - SORRY - trust me though, if you try the recipes I do post, you'll love them.

I should also be able to let you all know the menu for the forthcoming cookery over the holiday weekend- see the column top right for know the place.

As for the pictures, hopefully all will be back on track tomorrow or Saturday........until then:

¶Vyaunde de cyprys in lente.

¶Take gode þikke mylke of Almaundys, & do it on a potte; & nyme þe Fleysshe of gode Crabbys, & gode Samoun, & bray it smal, & tempere yt vppe with þe forsayd mylke; boyle it, an lye it with floure of Rys or Amyndoun, an make it chargeaunt; when it ys y-boylid, do þer-to whyte Sugre, a gode quantyte of whyte Vernage Pime with þe wyne, Pome-garnade. Whan it is y-dressyd, straw a-boue þe grayne of Pome-garnade.

¶Sore Sengle.

¶Take Elys or Gurnard, & parte hem half in Wyne, & half in watere, in-to a potte; take Percely and Oynonys & hewe hem smalle; take Clowes or Maces & caste þer-on; take Safroun, & caste þer-to, & sette on þe fyre, & let boyle tylle it be y-now; þen sette it a-doun; take poudere Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale, & temper it vppe with Wyne, & cast on þe potte & serue forth.

¶Myle in Rapeye.

¶Take Fygys & wasche hem clene, and boyle hem in wyne, & grynd hem smal, & draw hem vppe with þe Wyne þat þey were sothyn in; þan take flowre of Rys, & Wyne, & draw þorw a straynoure, & do þer-to pouder Gynger, Canelle, Mace, Quybibe, & þen take Freyssche Samoun, oþer Pike or gode Freyssche Codlyng; seþe it wyl, & pike owt þe bonys; þan take perys y-coryd, & grynde hem ryth smal & wyl with þe Fyssche; þan take hard olkys of Eyroun soþin, & grynd it wyth-al, & do it in-to þin veselle, & take with Sugre & pouder Gynger, & meng it with þe farcere wyl, & presse hem to-gederys; þan make a gode bature of Almaunde mylke & Floure, & do þer-in, & frye hem wyl in Oyle, & ley hem yn a dyssche, & pore on þe Sew, & serue forth.

¶Samon roste in Sauce.

¶Take a Salmond, and cut him rounde, chyne and all, and roste the peces on a gredire; And take wyne, and pouder of Canell, and drawe it þorg a streynour; And take smale myced oynons, and caste þere-to, and lete hem boyle; And þen take vynegre, or vergeous, and pouder ginger, and cast there-to; And þen ley the samon in a diss, and cast þe sirip þeron al hote, & serue it fort.

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