Sunday, 22 April 2007

Good Grief....Is That The Time??

I said that I'd post some more images and a video this weekend, phew....20 minutes to spare (unless you're in the US in which case I've still got plenty of time).

10 more images sent to Flikr for your viewing pleasure and a video uploaded to Youtube that should appear here:

It's an early test of one of the nozzles at the base of the fountain, here using water instead of wine but I'm sure you get the idea.

I'm told by Dave and Adrian that when the finish it, you'll be able to pour wine into the top of the fountain and have it cascade down the levels, each level pouring into the next from lions mouths. The final level will allow you to catch the wine in a cup or have it fall into a gutter where it will be channelled to a reservoir underneath the model..........or so I'm told!

Given their previous work though I have absolutely no reason to doubt them. I've got more photo's of their progress as well as the rest of the Easter event to come and will take plenty more as they progress over the next cookery weekend - possibly the event that they finish it, who knows.
After that it'll be back to working with sugar for them, not sure what on.....probably getting in more practice with simple repetitive stuff but we'll have to wait and see.

There aren't any more recipes at the moment as I've been busy with a load of 18th century documents today - pretty interesting stuff as it goes, Georgian texts on early recipes, histories of Henry VIII, jokes and manners - so I've got a little behind.....especially as I have to sort the menu and shopping list out for the next event by Wednesday.
I also really should put some effort into writing my best man speech for Robin's wedding and re-jig and publish the website about the Noble boke of Cokery....available by clicking the link in the right hand column (shameless plug!)
Still, there's always tomorrow.

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