Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Gentlemen....Start Your Engines....

So we rush headlong into the Easter cookery that starts on Friday and lasts until Sunday 15th - If you're able to pop to Hampton Court and see us in action then I'd encourage you to do so, if nothing else you'll be able to see if the grand menu plan has resulted in my early demise at the hands of the rest of the team!!

Tomorrow will be a jam packed day. Arrive at Hampton Court and receive the deliveries, make sure everything has been delivered then put it all in its places (fridges, shelves and cupboards). After that, when the rest of the guys arrive, we'll start work on washing all of the ceramic and bronze stuff that's been out on display since the Christmas event. A short break for a meeting with the boss, then back to it..finishing the cleaning then setting the kitchen up ready to start first thing on Friday.

I'll be taking pictures and video over the week, much like i did at Christmas if you were reading the blog then. The problem is how much access i have to the Internet over the week!!
I'm under the assumption that I'll only have a connection via my mobile phone and dial up which means only posting text and no images over the week I'm afraid. It is possible, but not probable that one of the chaps will also bring his own laptop and 3G data card as he did at Christmas, in which case normal service will continue (If I can sweet talk him into being able to use it)......just don't count on it.....I'm not as i can't get hold of him at the moment to ask.

Anyhow, all will be revealed tomorrow and you'll know as soon as I do.

I'm aiming to post the same sort of stuff that I did at Christmas, each day's menus along with general comments on how things have gone, hopefully on a daily basis but that will depend on so many things as the week progresses.

Off to pack my bags now ready for the off......more postings as and when over the next 10 days or so....including the one above!!

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