Wednesday, 18 April 2007

More Easter Pictures

Just sent another batch of images to the Flikr account for you all to see - enjoy!

We've reached a little barrier as far as the images is concerned I'm afraid; one that will curtail the further posting of pictures for a couple of days anyway!
Flikr allows you a free account to post to, which is what I've used up to now; the downside being that it will only hold 200 images working on a 'first in first out' basis - post 205 for example and the first 5 will no longer be viewable. Well the images I just uploaded take me up to 199 so.........I'm going to stump up for a full account.

To do this though I'll have to put some cash into the bank, so until then we'll be 'image lite (TM)' for a couple of days.

All of which leads me to the lack of promised recipes..........which I've decided to post another time (tomorrow possibly) to make up for the lack of the pictures.

Apart from all of that, I'm quite enjoying some quiet time off from work.......making the most of it before I have to get back with a planned menu and shopping list early next week, all ready for the next cookery on the first May bank holiday (5th-7th May inclusive)

Finally, for the moment at least, if you are enjoying the blog....don't keep it to yourself...... tell your friends about it!
Tell them about it or use the button on the right to send them an email with the details in it.......spread the word and you too can have that warm fuzzy feeling inside as well.

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