Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Cryptic Post..............All Is Revealed?!?!?!

contrary to what my colleague Robert thinks our most common question is NOT 'Why is Daves head that shape?'

It is in fact 'Do they sell that recipe book anywhere?' referring to the recipe book that we use when cooking at hampton court.
Here's a lousy photograph of one of the books:

It really doesn't do it justice, suffice to say I made 3 of these for us to use in front of the public; they're printed on laid paper, hand sewn then hand bound in pigskin. There are a lot of comprimises involved - the paper is modern, they were printed on a laser printer and so on, but they're a pretty good approximation of the real thing and are a good point of interaction between us and the visitors.

Over the last few years of using these books in front of the public I've lost count of the number of times that people have asked if they can buy a copy somewhere. Apart from a couple of people who were adamant that cost was not a consideration and really wanted a handmade book, the majority of people want a modern version of these books.
After numerous meetings where this was mentioned, Hampton Court finally decided that there wouldn't be enough demand for such a book and if i wanted to produce one then that was entirely up to me!

So the cryptic posts referred to :

The recipe book from our cookery events printed in a modern version.

Unfortunately there is a catch in that I am still waiting for the proof copy to arrive before I can authorise it for sale.

I've knocked together a very rough & ready website with more detail on here or you can click on the big picture link now at the top of the column on the right. (sorry, lots of text, not many pictures!)

As soon as everything is ready to go, which should be in a few days time, then the link will take you straight to the website where you can buy the book rather than my pathetic attempt at a web site!
Please have a look and do look at ALL the information there as it should explain more than I can fit into a post here.

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Helen said...

HOORAH! This is really excellent news and there are undoubtedly many of us out there who think this is one of the best pieces of news in a long time.

The books you use at Hampton Court are quite something and I know that you make them all yourself.

Yes, the recipes can pretty much all be found by Googleing, but it's great that you are now actually publishing them. And I sincerely hope it proves a successful venture.

Looking forward to Friday. And thank you for posting the all the menus on the blog.