Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday The 13th !!

The curse of Friday 13th struck today and we had problems with all the dishes!?!

Nah! Just kidding......but it is getting rather tedious writing that all the dishes went to the table ok......damn we're good!
In so saying though, the chike endored which is a battered roasted chicken ended up being just a plain roast chicken. It cooked quicker than i had anticipated and was done before i had the chance to make and apply the batter.....still, not the end of the world.

Two days left to go before we finish, so tomorrow will see a bit of a sort out, with ingredients that will definitely not be used put into store/freezer for use during the next event.

Robin's top reccomendation from today's menu is 'Arbolettys', essentially a cheese custard.....recipe to follow next week.

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