Saturday, 14 April 2007

Plain Sailing...

All dishes made it to the table today without a hitch.....

Nah! Not really......that'll teach me to speak so soon eh! Bit of a cockup today with some of the dishes.......The Curse Of Saturday 14th Strikes!?!

First problem was with the chawettys, a nice veal pie that has the contents cooked first before putting them into the pie case. It was during this pre cooking that for the first time ever the boiling veal which was cooking in about 4 tablespoons of white wine set the bronze pot to produce verdigris. Unfortunately I can't show you the photo of it yet, suffice to say that bronze cooking pots aren't supposed to be a somewhat verdant jade colour........wrong.....wrong....wrong; so that was that dish ruined.

We then had a close run thing whilst cooking the Lesenges de chare:
¶Losinges de chare.
¶Take faire buttes of porke, and hewe hem, and grynde hem, and caste there-to yolkes of eyren rawe, and take it vppe into a faire vessell; and take reysons of Corance, and myced dates, and pouder ginger, peper, saffron, and sugur, and medle al this to-gidre; and make faire paast of sugur, saffron, and salte, and temper therein; And make thereof ij. faire cakes, and ley the stuff therein al abrode on þe cakes all flatte. And þen take anoþer Cake, and ley him al abrode thereon, and þen kutte þe Cakes thorg with a knyfe, in maner of losinges; And then make faire bater of rawe yolkes of eron, sugur and salt, and close þe sides of þe losinges therewit, and then fry hem in fress grece ynow, And so serue hem forthe.

Whilst cooking these there was an odd reaction, we think between the raw egg yolk and the oil, that caused the pan to 'foam'...suddenly it looked like we were cooking in butter. This foam then spilled over the edge of the pan a little and caught light......quite spectacular but quite harmless. Unfortunately it tainted the oil and we couldn't cook any more of them and had to make do with one each- shame really as they were quite nice.

It's such a shame that I can't post any pictures until I get back as all this stuff would make much more sense if you could see what I was talking about. I'll post all of the pictures in batches next week, so you'll have something to see then.

Tomorrow is the last day of this 10 day stretch.....more cooking plus a major clear up at the end of the day, then off home for a long rest. I doubt I'll post tomorrow but keep an eye out for the photo's and the weeks recipes early next week.

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