Monday, 3 December 2007

Seems I Underestimated... many pictures Robert and I actually took this weekend when I said in the previous post that a few had been taken.......just over 900!!! Fret not though, I won't be subjecting you to all of them like some kind of sad demented family slide show, just a selection of the best.

The reason for the massive number is quite simple, since he got his new camera Robert has taken more out of focus images than in the rest of the year put together. We had chat to try to work out why, I thought it could have been because the new camera doesn't use a split prism to gauge focus, it does it all digitally and when manually changing focus it's quite tricky to see if you've got a crisp image. It turns out that the camera and lens don't work quite as Robert was expecting and so his technique for sure fire focus with his old camera didn't quite work in the same several hundred test shots later and (rather ironically) Bob's your uncle!! Sorted.

I've started to post images from the weekend up to Flickr, a small number only today as I'm in the middle of finishing off Wednesday's talk on Christmas this'll only be a flying posting for now. Due to the poor light conditions over the weekend I was trying to wring out good pictures using long exposures.....not easy with a compact camera with no user control on the aperture setting other than playing with the ISO settings, still I'm quite happy with the results.

Pop over to the Flickr site to see them a bit well as a few others.

I've also added another small video

This is of Pick trying to get the second half of the ribcage off of one of the 2 deer he processed over the weekend......although it turns out that this was the difficult side to get off, perhaps he needs to learn to be ambidextrous?

More pictures and waffle about the weekend later in the week.


Elise Fleming said...

No video seems to show up on the web page. Is the problem with the blog site or with me?

Tudor Cook said...

looks like it's a problem at your end I'm afraid. I've had a check via a couple of different machines and it works fine for me.......sorry.

This is the link to the video

so you can view it that way if all else fails.