Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I Had A Chat....

.....with Robert today about yesterdays post, it seems to have inspired him to write about the photography and to compare the new fangled digital camera he has with some of his earliest plate cameras.....It will also be a great opportunity to show you the results of some photographic experiments that he did at Hampton Court a few years ago using the calotype process........so we wait with baited breath (and now I have to find where I put those pictures so I can post them...)

In the meantime I've just put 8 of Roberts pictures from this weekend up for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, the big man is there to keep a beady eye on things whilst repair work is taking place on the tower that contains the astronomical clock.....as you drive past the front of the palace you can see him peering over the top!

Apart from the chat with Robert, there was another meeting about the fundraising dinner today; plans for which are still being worked on but look quite good (although I sense a LOT of hard work to come with this idea)....more news on this front when I can.

Now.....back to that lovely PowerPoint presentation.

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