Thursday, 27 December 2007

Get Back In That Kitchen!!

Day 1 of 6 and it’s all back to business as normal I suppose.......we cooked food......people watched and asked questions......we ate the food.......we washed was done!

Very little of any note occurred, well nothing worth telling all of you about anyway, the food was good and most of it got eaten. There was the odd gripe from my end of the table about there not being as much choice as normal, but the dissention was soon crushed with an iron fist ;-)
Dish of the day seemed to be shared between the tarte of beanes and the custard lumbarde although for my money the custard was a bit too eggy....this was due in part to the use of whole eggs as the thickening agent, but also to how the cases were filled I think. The cases were raised and then blind baked as the recipe calls for

¶Custard lumbarde.

¶Take good creme, and ffoiles of and yolkes And white of egges, and breke hem thereto, and streyne hem all þorg a straynour till hit be so thik that it woll bere him self; And take faire Mary, And Dates, cutte in ij. or iij. and prunes, and put hem in faire coffyns of paast; And then put þe coffyn in an oven, And lete hem bake till thei be hard, And then drawe hem oute, and putte the licoure into þe Coffyns, And put hem into þe oven ayen, And lete hem bake till they be ynog, but cast sugur and salt in þi licour whan ye putte hit into þe coffyns; And if hit be in lenton, take creme of Almondes, And leve the egges And the Mary.

I then put the cream, egg and parsley mix (the ffoiles in the recipe above are leaves of parsley...this can be found by comparing this text to other versions of the recipe) into a jug which makes it easier to pour into the cases. I think that it separated slightly in the jug though, which would explain why one of them had much more parsley in than the other......still, live and learn!

A couple of videos for you......the first is in reply to the suggestion by Elise a few posts back and shows Robin raising a tart case.

The other one is a time lapse of us setting the kitchen up on Boxing’s a bit dark and only shows a small portion of the actual room but it should give you an idea of what goes into setting up for the cooking.

With luck, more tomorrow.


Katheline said...

Love the videos. My friends and I were there on the 27th and it was one of the highlights of our trip. We were the Americans who are in the SCA. It was very fascinating and you all have given us lots of ideas on how to improve our kits and how to improve our 16th century cooking. Thanks for all of the info that day and thank you for this blog. I have enjoyed it.

Tudor Cook said...

glad you enjoyed your visit and keep enjoying the blog!