Tuesday, 18 December 2007

One Of Those Days!

It's been a bit of a day of two halves to pinch a football colloquialism.
A very informative morning was spent in a meeting going through some of the findings from market research that the interpretation department commissioned earlier this year. The aims of the various studies and surveys were to discover what our visiting public (that's visitors to the whole Palace group not just Hampton Court) views 'live interpretation'......in other words, what do they think of people dressed up funny from the past?!?
Well to cut it down to the essentials.....they loved it.....lots of very positive and constructive comments for all concerned with lots to take on board for planning future events.

Unfortunately, that all ran on a little longer than had been planned, which meant that my plans for the afternoon had to change drastically, so after a little sorting out ready for next week and a couple of cups of tea I spent a few hours taking some pictures in and around the kitchens along with some video of the kitchens display for you to have a look at.

So for your edification and delight here's another one of those panoramic pictures.....this time of the main roasting kitchen

All you need to do is place your cursor onto the image, then left click the mouse and whilst holding the button down drag the picture around......have a go and you'll see what I mean I hope......PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW IF THIS DOESN'T WORK!!

Video and pictures tomorrow I hope, along with some more information about next weeks cookery.......damn, it's only NEXT WEEK!!!


Anonymous said...

After a couple of abbhorted attempts the scenic view of the roasting kitchen worked a treat,but who is the poor man with a stool for legs,who is gazing so sadly into the fire?Have I stumbled upon one of the palace ghosts! no.1 fan

Tudor Cook said...

he happened to be the only person in the kitchen for the hour I was taking pictures!!

Lady Antonia of Thistlewood Manor said...

Oh my! That is so impressive! I've put on a few medieval feasts for my re-enactment group, but just think what I could do with a kitchen like that!

Thank you and I"d love to see more pictures like that! I'm bookmarking your blog.