Friday, 21 December 2007

Back In Business

Thanks to the unique way that Norton Ghost works, the repair took a little longer than I'd hoped for....but everything is back to normal now! Ghost is a cracking program that allows you to copy your hard drive then re-install it at a later date to avert disaster and the need to re-install everything. It also backs up separate data folders like the pictures and video ones on a regular basis so that you can re-install those if they get deleted.....unfortunately this isn't as easy to do as I'd hoped if you have to use the 're-install the whole drive' option.....As my machine was restored to just over a month ago it then lost the data for the backups that were made after that date?!?!?
Anyway, after a little fiddling and RTFM everything is back where it should be....I think.

So as promised, the video and pictures I took the other day are here.

It's not much, just a VERY quick trip through the kitchens as they appear on any normal's a little like being on a fairground ride at times I'm afraid, but at least it will give those of you that have never visited a rough idea of what the kitchens are like to visit.

It transpires that I didn't take as many pictures as I though I had....apart from those that made up the panoramic image in the earlier post.....just 2 that were worth putting on Flickr it happens, one of which is this one

It was perishing cold when I took this on Monday and you can clearly see that the smoke isn't going up the chimney like it should be.....why is this? The fire isn't big enough to generate enough heat and hence updraught to overcome both the atmospheric pressure and the cold air that dams the top of the chimney the kitchen fills with smoke. This is the main reason for the huge black stain on the wall above the fireplace, something that wouldn't have happened if the fire was running at a size that the Tudor cooks would have experienced.

Off to work tomorrow to receive all of the food deliveries for next weeks cookery, then home and some time off for a family Christmas to recharge in time to get cooking next Thursday. No doubt there'll be a few more posts before Christmas, so keep watching this space!


Doc said...

Nice video.

Early on there are a number of free-standing pies on a table or two. How thick are the crusts on these pies, and are the crusts edible/palatable?

- Doc

Tudor Cook said...


Apart from the fruit and veg all the food on display in the kitchns when we aren't cooking is PVC or fibreglass.

The pies in this case are PVC and solid, moulded by a model maker based on pictures and descriptions. The meat is all cast from real pieces of meat, with the large chunks of roasting meat having been roasted by us then taken to the mould maker for copying.

As it happens, pies are something that we've been playing around with for quite a bit this year....when I say we I mean Robin as I'm useless at making pies.

He's had success with both edible and less edible crusts and the thickness can vary from 1/4 inch to 1/8 depending on how flash he's feeling and what the filling is.

Hope that helps, I'll try and post some more on paste over the Christmas cookery....possibly try to get some video of some pies being raised too maybe!