Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year Everybody.

Well that's that then, another year done and dusted with only the drinking and enforced jollity of the night left to go!
As usual it as another pretty uneventful day in the kitchen.....lots of people to talk to and food to cook. To be honest as I sit here typing this I can't actually remember all of what we did eventually cook today. Although the menu was planned to be the same as the second day, we changed a few things around as we did yesterday and probably will tomorrow, so I'll try to post a full revised list of what we cooked when I get home and recover from the week.

Tomorrow sees the final day of cookery for this Christmas event and another long day for the team with all the washing up, clearing away and sorting that needs to be done as well as the total deep cleaning of the modern kitchen that we use.........stripping the fridge seals and shelving down, mopping the floors and disinfecting all the work surfaces and door handles. Any leftovers will need to be bagged up and space found in the freezer ready for us to use them during the February weekend.... so far the plan for that weekend is to talk about and look at the run up to Lent and how we can make use of all of our leftovers ready for the period of fasting to come. March will be in the middle of the Lent period so is the ideal time to look at all those lovely tasty meat and flavour free recipes that they seemed to have loved then......hopefully we can weave our culinary magic and pull some surprises out of the bag then.

Lots of thoughts for what to do next year on top of those I just mentioned are flying around my head currently, lots of chats with Robert, Robin and Barry have propagated many ideas that I think we need to pursue and a couple of chats with Kent who is one of the curators have also given me a few leads to look at as this space for exciting details !!

I think now that all that's left for me to do is wish you all a Happy New Year and now off to some compulsory fun and games (we've even got crackers to pull thanks to No.1 Fan!)

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