Saturday, 1 December 2007

Good Grief.....'s as black as pitch in here! Winter's finally here, how can we tell? Is it because the annual visit of the ice rink has come round again? Is it the smattering of Christmas lights adorning shops across the road? No, we know it's winter because today was the first day when even with all the lights on in the kitchen seeing was difficult from 3.00 onwards.
Nothing much to report as it happens, a few pictures were taken even with the poor light, a deer was butchered into jonts and all the recipes for the fundraiser meals third course were tried.....with some degree of success it seems. I'm not going to go into details now as things will be much clearer with pictures as well as words.
Tomorrow sees more preparation for the Christmas cookery with another deer to dismantle, marrow to extract from beef bones and sausages to be made....well that's what Pick & Carter will be doing, I think that the rest of us will be having a less busy day than that though!!

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