Sunday, 30 December 2007

Eat, Drink And Talk, Talk, Talk

Hooray, the battery was charged, the tripod erected and the video'll see it below when I finish typing this. The only downer to the whole process is that I was so worried that the battery would give up before the meal finished I stopped the recording early, but on the up side it was only stopped 5 minutes before the palace closed.

As it happened I didn't need to be worried as the battery had plenty of life left in it.....enough to record a time lapse of this evenings washing up. I won't be showing you that video though as it is safely stored away ready for potential blackmail uses.....tee hee.

Any how, enough with the tomfoolery....on with the video, just as soon as youtube can process it. (and now off to the pub!)


argwyth said...

I think you've really hit on something here with the time-lapse photograpy thing. Tho' I've attended several of your weekend presentations, I've never been able to make any of the "big ones" on the holidays, so I've never seen the culmination of your day's work - actually setting the table, and sitting down to eat what you've toiled over all day. I loved watching the interaction between you all and the guests.One cannot help but notice how your enthusiasm comes through - even without sound. A Brilliant idea! Thank you for bringing this aspect of what you do to those of us who cannot make it to see you in person.

Doc said...

Neat video - I love the work you guys do.

One question though, why do you dine with your napkin over your shoulder? I was under the impression that that was how servers wore them, and that diners had them draped over their laps (sometimes sharing one long napkin between multiple people).

Tudor Cook said...


As is always the weay, as soon as someone asks a really pertinent question like that I can no longer find the reference to answer it with!?!

We do also dine with a long shared napkin sometimes but this time we were using individual napkins. When I can find the reference for it I'll post it for you to see.

Thanks for the question as it's things like this that force us to go back and re-evaluate or refresh the information that we now take for granted....keeping it all fresh I hope.